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A New Ministry

March 28, 2009

I loved my old ministry.  My husband and I were living in Buffalo, NY, involved in church planting.  It was exhilarating.  We were watching people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Our church was growing and our congregation was greatly burdened for our community.

Then in an instance, it was gone.  My husband ‘s moral failure left our family and church in a tailspin.  Within days our house was on the market.  Within months, we were living in a new state.

As I walked around, in a state of complete brokenness, I began to recognize the broken people around me.  I had never noticed them before, but now I met them every day.  They were dealing with divorce, or loneliness, death or addiction.  They were at my work or in the grocery line.  They cut my hair or wept in the row in front of me at church.  Sometimes they would tell me their story but other times I could just read it on their faces.

I knew how to encourage them.  I just said what I myself wanted to hear.  You matter to God.  You are not alone.  With him, you can survive this.  I prayed for them and with them.  I gave hugs and shed tears.

I had a new ministry now, but now one of my choosing.  I didn’t embrace it at first.  How could I? It was born out of tremendous pain and suffering.  I wanted my old ministry – one where I was in control.  I taught people God’s Word  and I encouraged them in their journey.  That was safe ministry.

I came to a point where I realized that if I was truly going to live in service to Lord, then I had to accept whatever ministry he purposed for me.  Why would I want anything less?

Lord, help me accept your gifts wrapped in suffering .  Teach me how to use my own pain to minister truth to others.  Thank you Lord for making me sensitive to broken people.

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