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Your World Fell Apart? Focus on These Things NOW!

March 30, 2009

My world is falling apart – Now  what? 

When the bomb goes off in your life, things are hazy, you are in crisis, your world begins crumbling.  Maybe your spouse leaves you and takes the kids.  Maybe you lose your job.  Maybe your friends are distancing themselves from you.  Maybe even people at church are not responding well to you. 

Here is a HOT list of things you’ve got to focus on, right now! 

Realize You Are Not Alone – The fact that you found this website and this blog is evidence that many have gone through it.  A majority of men have sexual sin in their lives.  A majority of marriages are affected at some point by sexual sin. 

Talk to Someone about it – This is critical.  You have no idea how important it is that you talk to someone!  You need to find a Pastor, counselor, best friend, or a Sexual Addiction  group that you can talk to.  Tons of people go through have experienced what you’re experiencing, and you need to talk to them. 

 Stop Your Bad Behaviors – Parts of your world are crumbling, yes.  And consequences will hit.  Things will probably get worse on their own.  But if you decide it’s no use, you should just give in to the wrong behaviors, you might as well just go on a sexual binge, you’ll really make things worse. 

Don’t make any big decisions yet – You’re in crisis, and whether you know it or not, you’re not going to be able to think straight.  This is why you’ve got to talk to someone quickly. 

You’re Problem Developed Over Time – You may be wondering, “How did this happen?”,  “I have no idea how I got to this place, or into this relationship”  When you really look at it, you do know.  We make a series of small choices with our behaviors.  And our minds have been lustful, fantasy-driven.  When we start acting out, it doesn’t take long to start crossing major lines. 

Things Will Probably Get Worse Before They Get Better – Some of the truth about your sexual sins have gotten out or shared, but the consequences have not fully hit yet.  You are starting to feel the guilt, regret and experience some of the consequences, but the consequences of years of bad behavior are deep and wide. 

No Problem is Too Big For God – Your slide into sexual behaviors were not a surprise to God.  He may have been keeping you from hurting yourself and your family any worse.  He knows what’s going on.  He’s still in control of the universe, and can be in control of yours.  He loves you.  He is able to help you dig out of the crisis.  Your are not promised a rosy resolution to this, but you are promised God’s presence.

** If your world has fallen apart due to pornography or sexual sin.  Reach out to someone.  Send us a post.  Start sharing your story with someone.  Praying for you.

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