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Finding God’s Power in Your Addiction

April 8, 2009

broken-heart1          We grossly underestimate our ability to fight sexual addiction.

It is so easy to think that we can control our sexual addiction. We think that it’s not really that bad and that we could stop at anytime. The reality is that our flesh is so strong, that only God can bring us strength and victory in this area.

We cannot truly experience God’s power until we realize that we have a problem. We have sin, we have struggles, we have strongholds in our life. We have messed up. We have junk.

For a long time, I thought my problem was not very big. I thought my sexual desires and masturbation and fantasy were just “areas of struggle”, weaknesses, temptations. I thought I was pretty close to being able to handle it. After all, God was still using me and guiding my life. Why would God be at work in and around me, if I had a real problem, or God forbid, and ADDICTION!

The truth is that we all have lots of problems. You and I have specific sexual problems. And they are real problems. God may work in our lives, but He is always operating out of His grace, mercy, and love toward us. We don’t even deserve His grace on our best days, much less when we are struggling with sexual addiction.

How many times have you tried to control your sexual habits? How many times have you tried to stop, or tried to change? It can be so self-defeating. But this is exactly the place God needs you to be to really work in your life. You have tried, you cannot do it. It is only something that God can get in there and work on.

If you haven’t already come up against them, there are certain walls you will hit as you are recovering.

Some of the have to do with behaviors. Giving up pornography. Stopping extramarital or premarital sex. Stopping your masturbation. Putting filters on your Internet and passwords on your TV. Having to be accountable for your actions for the first time. Stopping the lying and telling truth. These can be really hard for someone starting recovery. They are real walls.

Others walls are internal. Stopping your fantasy life. Learning to value women instead of objectifying them. Learning to personally connect with God.

These are areas of recovery that you come up against that can take real work to push through. They are hard milestones. They are often accompanied by withdrawal, and grief.

The best place to be is at a place of surrender. This is where God can really come in and do His work. This is also the hardest place to get to because of our pride. But God desperately wants us to give Him our battle. It is too big for us and God wants to help. Give up. Call out to Him for help with your sexual addiction recovery, or for your spouse’s addiction.

Whenever I have hit the wall in my recovery, God has had to bring me to this place. I realize that for me to continue to get better and grow, I have to surrender a new area.

Right now I’ve been hitting the wall when it comes to objectifying women. I have tried to control this and fix myself. I had to realize it was a deep part of my flesh and part of a long string of wrong behaviors. In the last three weeks, I have been learning again to call out to God for help.

It’s a slow, gradual work, but it is working.

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