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How to Win the Temptation Battle: Setup Roadblocks

April 20, 2009

roadblockRoadblocks are anything that comes between you and acting out in a sinful way.  They are defensive, protective against acting out and can help you maintain purity.  


 MAKE A LIST OF THE WAYS YOU ACT OUT – Internet?  Porn shops?  Sunday newspaper ads?  That girl at work?


2.       DESIGN A SET OF ROADBLOCKS FOR EACH – Think of several things that can come between you and acting out.  Content filters with accountability, driving a different route, letting your wife sift through the ads, taking a different path at work.  The more layers of roadblocks the better.


3.       GO FURTHER THAN YOU THINK IS NECESSARY – Are you trying to “just get by”, or be “widely successful” with your protection?  Come on!  Be radical with this.  Put some strong roadblocks in place.  You have got to set the bar high to really succeed here. 


4.       SHARE IT WITH A FRIEND – You need another set of eyes to look at your strategy and shoot holes in it.  You need some accountability.  You need some wise counsel in your life if you want victory.

If you want to be successful in dealing with temptations, roadblocks are the bear minimum for beginning to have success. 

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