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The Importance of Being Open About Your Sins

May 11, 2009

secretI found a great verse when I was reading my Bible this morning:

“He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.”  Proverbs 28:13 NIV


I have found this to be so true.   I have had a history of concealing my sins.  I tried, like Adam and Eve, to hide them from God.  I thought it would be a better to hide them from my friends and from my wife.  I have been deceived in the past to thinking that concealing sin can actually be the right thing to do. 

How can concealing sin be right according to this verse?
How can concealing sin help my marriage?
How can concealing sin strengthen the trust my wife has in me?

TELL SOMEONE – It is hard to share your failures.  It could make your life a lot worse.  You might not find grace and mercy from the people around you.  You might have some carnage to face.  But concealing your sin is never a step in the right direction.  Don’t be deceived – tell someone about your sin. 

RENOUNCE YOUR SIN – This is the most important step.  This is repentance. It’s making a U-Turn.  Turn away.  Push away from the behavior.  Speak down toward that lifestyle, don’ entertain it. 

GOD’S MERCY – I love that God says we will find mercy.  I need mercy when I know that I have failed.  God’s mercy is promised to those who turn from sin.  You may not have the mercy of your spouse or friends, but you can have peace inside yourself.   You may be surprised how others react.  They may be the instruments of healing and encouragement you need.

When you hide your sin, you cannot be at peace with yourself.  You cannot walk in truth if you are hiding sin.

1.  Start by confessing it to God
2.  Talk to someone wise about it (counselor, friend, pastor) who can help you through it, and help you take the next steps
3.  If others are directly affected by your sin, it needs to be shared
4.  Separate yourself from the sinful arena

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