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May 13, 2009

We had a guy come to our men’s purity group recently, and it was the highlight of my week to hear him talk. the-new-kid-in-town295

 I love to hear a new person share his junk for the first time.  There is a fresh brokenness in many new guys.  There is a strong desire to figure it out.  Tons of questions.  A new guy has started walking in the truth and has been dying to sharing it with others, whether he knows it or not. 

 Here our some of my reflections on the new guy coming to Group… 

 1.  Reminds me of my own story – I can completely identify with someone sharing their junk and how they got found out.  He is a regular guy just like me.  All of the guys in group are normal guys with problems that are too big for them. 

 2.  Makes me thankful for God’s grace and mercy – I could have gone a lot further.  I might have broken some other bottom lines that would have cost me my marriage, kids & career.  I could have been found out a lot later.  I am thankful that God caused me to be found out.  I am also thankful that God came in and flooded my hurt with his love, grace & mercy. 

 3.  My heart goes out to the new guy – I was there not too long ago.  I sit with him in his pain.  I am reminded of my hurts.

 4.  Great to see the light go on – At some point, “the light goes on” for the person in recovery.  A new guy to Group has revelations about himself and his addiction all the time.  I would have been lost unless God had used His Spirit of Truth, and other men to help “turn the light on”. 

 5.  Our Group ministered to him – Our sexual addiction group is at its best when it reaches out to a hurting guy and ministers to him.  There was empathy, encouragement, and counsel.  I felt the strength of the Group pour out to this guy.  I was glad to be a part of it. 

 I hope that you are part of a men’s purity group or some sort of sexual addiction group.  It has been an essential component to my recovery and growth during these past 18 months.

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