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Avoiding Flirty Girls

May 23, 2009

I remember a girl in high school that flirted a lot.  She was so friendly to everyone, but many of the guys misinterpreted her friendliness.

A guy has this need deep inside him to be wanted, valued, pursued, liked.  Flirting pushes this button hard for a guy.  He goes very quickly to, “She likes me.  She wants me.  I’m going to pursue her.”  Flirting is a lure.  Some girls don’t even know they are doing it, and some do it on purpose.

 For a person recovering from sexual addiction, you have got to steer clear of flirty girls.  They are dangerous.  They will not help you down God’s right path. 

 Here are some helps from on how to avoid flirting.  This applies to flirty guys as well.  (

  1. Do not share personal things with this person.  –  Don’t talk about personal or home problems. Confiding is something that occurs between close friends.
  2. If this person starts to flirt, block it.  – He/She pokes you, don’t poke him/her back. Ignore them and talk about something generic.
  3. Don’t look the person in the eye.  – Concentrate on something else while you talk to him or her, and if you do look at the person, don’t hold the gaze, but don’t look nervous or scared either. Look almost bored, but don’t be rude.
  4. Motion a friend to come over. –  If a friend senses your discomfort, they’ll often intervene.
  5. Leave.  – Politely tell them that you have somewhere else to get to or someone else you need to talk to.
  6. Talk about your significant other or other guys/girls. –  Make sure this is naturally woven into the conversation, as this tactic can be very insulting if not done carefully.
  7. Use closed body language. – Have your arms folded and lean away from the person.

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