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Understanding Triggers: A Key to Sexual Recovery

June 6, 2009

You can’t be successful in sexual recovery unless you understand your triggers. 

One of my favorite podcasts on recovery is Pure Sex Radio (found on I-Tunes).  They recently did a show called “Understanding Triggers” that I wanted to pass on to you. 

Here’s the Link to the Show:

The show was inspired from an article by Dr. Claudia Black on triggers.


Dr. Black says this of triggers: 
Triggers are specific memories, behaviors, thoughts and situations that jeopardize recovery –
signals you are entering a stage that brings you closer to a relapse.

She goes on to talk about common triggers and triggery behavior.  Here are the five trigger areas she points to in her article:  

Romanticizing the Behaviors focusing only on the positive aspects of a behavior, instead of remembering the negative consequences and shameful feelings.

Feelings – when we start feeling certain ways, we want to act out sexually to medicate the pain and meet the need.

Loss – recovering addicts have experienced many losses.  Experiencing these feelings can make us want to act out.   

Resentments  – come from unrealistic expectations and impatience and can be triggery and eat away at our insides. 

Slippery People, Places or Situations – we must identify who and what things put us in greater danger of relapse.

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