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How Tiger Woods Helped Me Stay Sexually Pure

June 15, 2009

Tiger Woods 06 for Xbox helped me in my quest for sexual purity.

After my life fell apart and my sexual sin was discovered, I had a period of time where I was without a job, at home, packing our house up for the move, and depressed.  My good friend told me I needed some healthy outlets to start focusing on.  I needed something to do with my alone time at home.  I needed something healthy to pour my energy into. 

Tiger Woods Golf was one of those things  that gave me a good alternative to masturbating and searching for porn. 

It’s normal for a person pulling out of his or her sexual addiction to go through withdrawal symptoms.  We are used to a set of behaviors and the chemical stimuli that helps to medicate our pain.  We have to find constructive things to pour our energies into, or we will eventually fall back into the old behaviors.

Q:  What are the healthy outlets you can pour your energy, creativity and passion into?

Maybe journaling?  Writing?  Going for a walk?  Going to the gym?  Working outside on a project?  Calling a friend?  Talking to your wife? 

Or may I suggest Tiger Woods Golf 10?  I hope I get it for Father’s Day!

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