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What Are You Afraid Of? Make a List.

June 20, 2009

I wanted to list out some fears that I and others have about why we are afraid to share the truth about ourselves.  I’m not going to address these fears in this blog, I just wanted to write down genuine fears you and I might have in not sharing.

My encouragement to you today is to make a list of your own fears.  Write them down in a notebook.  Get them out.  Be honest with yourself about what fears you have.

Here are mine:

1.  My wife / family would be devestated
2.  I’m worried what people will think of me
3.  I might have to change
4.  I might lose my job
5.  I might lose my ministry
6.  I might get put in jail
7.  I don’t want the pain
8.  I’m not hurting anybody with my behavior
9.  I don’t want to lose my freedoms
10.  No one can tell me what to do
11.  I don’t have any friends to share with
12.  I’m all alone
13.  It’s just better to lie
14.  What will people think?
15.  I won’t be accepted for who I am
16.  My church will find out and shun me
17.  People will know I’m a liar
18.  People will think I’m a pervert

Let’s work on it guys and gals!  Make that list of what your’e afraid of.  Today’s not about answering these fears.  It’s about getting your fears out on the table.  Start by being truthful with yourself.  Start searching for the real reasons you continue your behaviors.  God wants to help us with these fears, but first we must get them out on the table.

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