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Called Again To Ministry

June 23, 2009

churchMy counselor said something interesting to me during a recent visit.  He said that I should wait for God to call me again back into ministry. 

I was talking to him about getting back into ministry.  At this point, it’s been 22 months since I’ve been out of ministry and porn-free.  There are times when I feel ready to go back.  My wife, pastors & accountability partner all affirm that I’m ready when it’s time.  But God’s timing and God’s calling is most important. 

 I am tempted to try and make it happen.  I want to put everything back together. 

 My counselor suggested a few things:

god21.     I am a minister right now at my work – I work as a financial analyst.  My marketplace skills are in Accounting and Finance.  But there are many people I work around that I have relationships with and that need to hear Jesus.  I have often seen this 18 month period as a transition, a detour, and less-than ideal situation.  Instead, I need God’s eyes to see that I am around hurting people that God wants me to touch.  My calling is to stay where I’m at until God calls me elsewhere. 

2.     I cannot call myself – The calling is an act of God.  It is something that naturally happens out of me serving him.  I cannot determine when and where my calling is to happen.  I cannot predict what is next and what is best.  

3.     I have a story people need to hear now – I keep thinking that my story will be primarily used when I’m back in ministry, or over the reach of our Internet blog.  Why not now?  Why not to the people I’m around?  It’s a powerful story of God’s love and work in my life.  God has put me in my secular workplace to grow in relationships with people who need Jesus, and probably to be able to share my story with a few select.

plant 4.     My calling evolved before, it will evolve again – This was probably the most striking thing that we talked about.  My calling evolved as I served God where I was, helped at my church, went on mission trips and deeply sought Him.  I need to be doing many of the same things.  Just serve God, be patient & let it come.  

5.     God may call me to something completely different – I should not limit God to calling me back into the pastorate.  Perhaps He’s preparing me for something completely different?  Perhaps my best service to Him is staying in the marketplace and volunteering at my church?   Perhaps God has something preparing for my family that would blow my mind.

I’d love to hear your toughts.

When is a person who has fallen to sexual sin fit for ministry again?
Is a person permanantly disqualified from ministry?
Does it depend on the circumstances, and the level of healing?

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  1. June 23, 2009 9:52 pm

    I logged into my old Facebook account today and reached out to my former students for the first time since resigning as their college pastor. It just so happened that my worship leader was online at the time and so he and I chatted for a few minutes. I wanted nothing more in that moment than to call the pastor of the church and take him up on his offer to come back and do it all over again. That door is open for me, but the timing is not there. My wife will not agree to the work and it kills me. And yet, I recognize that my wife has been given to me by God to keep me balanced.

    The call remains. I am convinced of it. However, I can not ignore one thing about my past work in ministry: I was not supposed to be there at that time. I was a porn addict and had no business trying to fake being a minister of the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ. By grace I was allowed to do what I did, and the fruit remains to this day, but the anointing was missing in so many ways. Yes, we can do it all in our flesh, and God to His glory may allow it, but it does us no good except to fulfill our vain expectations. When the Lord is ready, it will glorify Him and me both.

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