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Developing a Purity Mission Statement

June 24, 2009

At our men’s purity group we have a new accountability sheet we are working through.  One of the things we have to share is our Personal Mission Statement.  Many of the guys are still working on theirs, including me.  

One guy’ statement was, “To be a biblical man, today.”  Very nice.  I like it. 

Here are some things I think about when it comes to my desire for purity:

1.  Walk in truthCommitment

2.  Make my life open & accountable

3.  Pour my energy into the things of God and the people of God

4.  Live a life that tries to avoid even the hint of sexual immorality

5.  Hate evil and cling to the good

6.  Push to be better

7.  Help others with their struggles

8.  Cultivate intimate relationships

I have other desires when it comes to being a godly example for my wife and kids, growing in my masculinity, having an intimate walk with God, and being a better worshipper.  These only relate indirectly to my purity quest.

 I am still having trouble boiling it down to a single statement, but I’m working on it.

Q:  What’s a good purity statement for you? 

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