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Listen to Our Story, pt.3 – "Rebuilding"

June 25, 2009

We have moved to
bulldozerWe want you to come get to know us and our story.   We feel like our story can bring hope and encouragement for those struggling with sexual sin and the marriages affected by it. 

Our story is now available in audio form.  These podcasts come from our Porn to Purity Podcast.  You can subscribe to it on I-Tunes, or you can download them here for free. 

(Click on the Link to listen directly or Right click “Save As” to save them to your computer)
Part 3 – Rebuilding – Moving to a new area.  Grieving.  Finding a support group.  Finding new friends.  Working on our marriage.  Finding good counselors.  Marsha’s depression.  Jeff’s abstinence.  Rebuilding.  Growth.  Starting our website and blog. 

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Part 1 – Fallout  – Jeff’s porn addiction develops.  Hiding and sliding.  Trapped.  Getting found out.  Shock.

Part 2 – Consequences – Confessing to Marsha.  The truth comes out.  Jeff losing his job.  Going to counselling.  Losing our support system.  Withdrawals.  Grieving.  Preparing to leave.

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  1. June 29, 2009 6:33 pm

    I just listened to all you (4) podcasts~ WOW ~ Thank You Both for your tranparency and honesty~ in laying down your lives~ that others will live in Freedom. The honesty and accountability that you are willing to share and teach Re: Pornagraphy ~ Is Key To Freedom From All Types of Addictions we face ~ Gambling ~ Subsatance Abuse of all forms~ on and on. I have shred this info with my Pastor and other Deliverance Monisters ~ as well as friends who are struggling with this in their marriages. Thank you and God Bless You Jeff & Marsha~ (I am so impressed with you Marsha~ for your Love towards your husband and the Spiritual Growth that you too have experienced through these difficult trials.) James 1:2-4 Your Ministry will be Greater than ever imagined~ GLORY TO GOD!!!

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