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Secrets: Tell the Whole Truth

July 1, 2009

Secrets_BookThis week Jeff and Marsha are reviewing and sharing insights from the book   Secrets: A True Story of Addiction, Infidelity, and Second Chances by Jonathan Daugherty.  Jonathan is the founder and director of Be Broken Ministries

But be careful of only telling pieces of the truth and not the whole truth.  It is easy to deceive yourself into thinking that bringing one piece of your secret into the light is the same as bringing the whole thing out.  It is not the same.”  Secrets, p. 101


Boy, I’m guilty of this one.  I want to confess… a little bit.  I want to come clean… but not with everything.  Partial confession is still lying. 

It’s hard medicine to have to take, but guys, we have to share all of our secrets with someone.  We’ve got to come completely clean.  It needs to get out.  If we want to be fully healed from our sexual addictions, this is the only way.

“But my wife can’t handle the truth!”  – That may be true.  So start with a counselor, a pastor, or an accountability partner.  Share the whole truth under the guidance (and possibly with the help of ) wise people. 

Lean on God Like Never Before – We cannot control how people will react to our coming clean and sharing the truth.  We can trust God.  God is Truth and helps us when we are walking in truth.  Have faith in God.  Trust Him to help you.  He will never abandon you.

We have to learn to tell the whole truth, value truth, and cling to truth if we want to be free from sexual addiction.

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