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Secrets: Finding Grace on Day 108

July 3, 2009

Secrets_BookThis week Jeff and Marsha are reviewing and sharing insights from the book   Secrets: A True Story of Addiction, Infidelity, and Second Chances by Jonathan Daugherty.  Jonathan is the founder and director of Be Broken Ministries

 “Then there was day 108….  Up through day 107 in my recovery journey, I believed that purity equaled perfection….  I began to learn that my pursuit of purity was a journey of progression, undergirded by the gentle, yet strong, grace of God.  I didn’t have to be perfect!”
Secrets, pp. 139-140


This is my favorite part of Jonathan’s book.  When he finally shares his secret life of addiction with his wife, he experiences a freedom he had not known, ever!  Then a string of 107 sober days followed.

Don’t we all have that 108th day, though?  Everything’s going so well, and then we have a setback.  We act out.  What a disheartening day that is.  Enter in self-condemnation, and a severe sense of failure. 

The difference with those who have a healthy support system (like Jonathan did), is they have people who can encourage them and pick them up.  When you share your secrets and get a group of “real” friends in your life, your bad days will be different. 

Real friends love you whether you are having a bad day or a good day.   Real friends encourage you, support you, cheer for you, pray for you…help you. 

But we’ll never find these type of true friends – the Day 108 friends, until we share our secrets.

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