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The Difference Between FAILING and FAILURE

July 9, 2009

failThere is a difference between FAILING and being a FAILURE. 

Failing is normal.  Since none of us are perfect, we will all fail.  We will fail in most areas of our lives to be consistent and perfect.  Our own sin natures guarantee that we fail.  We have failed to meet God’s standards for salvation and are in desparate need of Christ. 

 God wants us to realize that we fail.  On our own, there are few things we can do well.  With the help of God and others, we can have the power to succeed. 

 failureI AM A FAILURE
This is a lie.  The message of this is: “I’m worthless.”, “I’m no good.”, “I’m hopeless.”, “I need to give up on myself and on life.”  It’s too easy for us to believe that when we fail in sexual purity, that we are a failure.  Being a failure is a form of self-condemnation. 

 When a building is condemned, it is no longer fit for it’s purpose.  This is never the case with us.  God created us with purpose.  We have worth to God.  We are redeemable through Jesus Christ. 

 Take heart in this verse:

“There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1)

 The bible is full of great heroes of the faith who failed:  Abraham, Moses, David, Samson, Peter, and Paul.  None of them were ever condemned by God for their failures.  Instead, God extended His hand and raised them up by His power. 

1.  Turn to Christ for the deep help you need inside

2.  Believe the truth that God does not condemn you

3.  Accept that you will fail at times in this process of recovery. 

4.  Get people in your life that will love you, even when you are failing (support groups are so helpful here)

5.  Get a counselor to help with the deeper aspects of self-worth.  It’s worth your time. 

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