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Great Recovery Podcasts I Listened to This Week

July 10, 2009

One helpful tip for being sucessful recovery is “Read recovery material.” 

I am a big podcast listener. So I might add:  “Listen to recovery material!”  Here are some podcasts I have listened to this week that have been helpful to me in my recovery and helped me think in some new directions.

RANSOMED HEART – “Q&A – What’s Helped Our Marriage?”

John Eldridge has a great weekly podcast.  He speaks mainly to men and is helping me be a better man.  In this episode John and friends share at one of their conferences what adjustments they’ve made in their marriages over the last year that have helped the most. I especially like the concept of “laying down the Superman cape”.  Check it out!



PURITY FOR LIFE – 7/06/09 Episode

Each Purity for Life podcast has three topics.  They always cover good topics on purity, healthy sexuality, relationships, and growing in a godly way.  The topics discussed in this episode are:

  1. 1.  Making a Sanctuary for God – the most challenging topic for me
  2. 2.  Biblical Forgiveness
  3. 3.  The Impact of Parents on Children



PURE SEX RADIO – “What is Your New Name?”  

Jonathan and Lee talk about the new identity we are establishing when we are successful in recovering from sexual sin and sexual addiction.  If you are recovering, you have a new name.  You are a new person.  Give this one a listen, it is very encouraging!




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