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My Purity Mission Statement

July 11, 2009



A couple of weeks ago I blogged saying that I was working on my Purity Mission Statement. (Click HERE for the post). I had mentioned that several guys in my Support Group were getting theirs down.

I think I’ve got it narrowed down. When I was in Group this last Wednesday, I thought about what my statement needed to be.



I want to use my passion, energy, creativity and masculinity to serve the Lord, my wife, and others.


  • energyI think about all the time I spent searching out porn, nurturing fantasies, chasing women with my eyes, and protecting my secrets.
  • I think about how creative I got at looking for porn and getting around filters.
  • I think about how my passion for God and for serving others was drained by my growing lust for visual pleasure and false intimacy.
  • I think about how I was letting culture and peers and media define my masculinity.

What a waste! What a huge amount of my energy was spent doing things that were destroying my life, marriage and ministry!

I want to funnel all of that into passion into healthy and godly pursuits. I want to be creative for God and others. I want to be the person God has created me to be. I want to strive after things other than the next porn fix.


I carry a notebook with me and write in it ideas, quotes, thoughts, desires. It has been a stew pot for creativity. It has spilled over into this blog and into my relationships with others. I am just beginning to see the effects of channeling my God-given energy toward His purposes.

A mission statement (as I understand it) is a statement of purpose. It is why I am here, and gives a broad view of what I am shooting for. A mission statement never stops working, and being relevent. It cannot be completely accomplished here on earth. It is a continual motivation for me, and for my sexuality.

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