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How to Stay Sexually Pure At the Beach

July 17, 2009

 The Summer is great in many respects, but for someone recovering from sexual addiction or trying to stay sexually pure, a place like the beach can be a real challenge.  My family and I are going to the beach this weekend, so here are some tips to make my trip and your trip not so problematic.



1.  ONLY GO TO BEACHES WITH UGLY PEOPLE –  Just a joke.  If only we could arrange this!  But if there’s a way to stay away from the “90210, plastic surgery” beaches, it would be a good idea.

2.  GO TO A BEACH WITH LESS TRAFFIC – Less people might mean less temptation for you. 

3.  HAVE A PLAN / STRATEGY – Plan out your trip or vacation.  You can’t take a break from working on your sexual purity.

4.  TALK TO A BUDDY BEFORE AND AFTER – If you’ve got a guy you can talk with about your struggles and strategy, it will be a huge help.

5.  TAKE A BUDDY WITH YOU – Even better.

6.  LEAVE IF IT GETS ROUGH – You can’t control who decides to come to the beach at the same time.  You could move to a new place.  But sometimes you might need to go.

7.  ADD SOME ACTIVITY TO YOUR TRIP – Run, play volleyball, go swimming, read a book… do something.  Time alone and boredom are enemies to the sexually struggling guy.

8.  TALK TO YOUR WIFE ABOUT IT – Now you’re getting really serious!  Let your wife know your strategy.  Don’t talk about over sexy girl that walks by, but let your wife know you are taking your purity seriously.  Focus on her while you’re at it. 

9.  DON’T GO TO BEACHES… YET – The best solution at this point might be not going to beaches or pools.  They might be too triggery at this point.  You have to get serious sometimes if you want to be pure!

10.  FILL YOUR MIND WITH CHRIST – Christ gives us His strength, power, presence, and Word to assist.  We can’t have our minds on fleshly things if our minds are filled with Christ. 

I’d love to hear your suggestions, or things that have worked for you.  Leave a blog comment, or email me privately at

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