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What Happens in Your Brain When You Look at Porn

July 20, 2009

Today’s topic is a fascinating one! Do you know what 4 neurochemicals are released in your brain every time you look at porn?

Pornography causes all kinds of emotional, biological and chemical reactions in our brain and body. Candeo is a great site to have in your toolbox. Candeo has a great understanding of the brain science behind porn addiction.


Check out this article called “The Brain Science Behind Internet Porn Addiction.”

 Drs. Hyde and Christiansen list four chemicals that are released in your brain when you look at porn


  1. Dopamine – Causes us to ignore negatives and focus on feelings of ecstasy and arousal
  1. Norepinephrine – takes whatever your are experiencing and sears it in your brain
  1. Oxytocin – causes you to bond with whatever or whoever you are with
  1. Serotonin – creates a sense of calmness and release from stress

These chemicals are great when you are experiencing intimacy with your spouse, but can cause terrible affects to your brain and emotions when you are looking at porn.


1.  Online Recovery Tools –
They have a great program to help you with porn addiction.  It’s done right online.  They have a free mini-course you can take, and a comprehensive, paid online course that many have participated in.

2.  Candeo Podcast – This can be found on I-Tunes. They have over 20 shows so far. Several of these shows talk about what’s going on in your brain when you look at porn or when you have sexual activity. Give it a listen. 

3.  Recovery Articles, Research, Blog and Resources



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