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How to Stay Pure if You Travel A lot

July 21, 2009

traveling salesmanMany people have jobs that require them to travel a lot. This can be very difficult for someone who struggles with pornography and sexual sin.

No accountability


Lack of relationships

Lots of time alone


  1. Get an accountability buddy – You gotta have someone you’re honest and open with.  You gotta have someone to share your struggles with. 
  2. Talk to your wife, a lot – Fill your time with the right thing.  Keep your wife fresh on your mind.  Keep working on your connectedness.
  3. Have your TV removed from your room – Tons of hotels will do this.  You might have to be insistent, but they’ll do it.  Many men in my support group do this every time they travel.
  4. Check out – This is a great site I found that lists hotels that do not have porn channels on their TVs.


  5. Join a phone support group
    Pure Life Ministries
    Blazing Grace Ministries- 
    Dr. Doug Weiss –  
  6. Find a SA or SAA group in the town you’re going to – Go to  or to find groups meeting in the city you will be traveling to.
  7. Make time for some counseling – Find a local counselor or one in a city your traveling to to visit regularly.
  8. Spend time in public places – Only going to the hotel room when you’re sleepy can be a big help.  Make sure to go to public places that are not triggery for you (bars, clubs).  The hotel lobby is a good public place that might be good for you.
  9. Find healthy outlets for your stress relief – Go to the hotel gym.  Go for a walk.  Do some writing.  Go to the arcade.  Anything positive and wholesome that will help you. 
  10. Don’t carry cash – Some of you get into trouble when you have cash.  You are less accountible when you are using cash.  You might want to coordinate this with an accountability partner.
  11. passportDon’t travel alone when you can help it – If you can work this out, it’s great. 
  12. Get a different job – Be really honest with yourself.  Your purity is not worth it.  Your marriage is not worth it.  If you need to get a new job – MAN UP and do the courageous thing!

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  1. James A. Smith permalink
    July 24, 2009 10:37 am

    I bought a power plug lock. The first thing I do when I get to the hotel is to lock the TV plug and put the key in the car. Then at night, when I’m tempted, the barrier of going to the car to get the key is enough to stop me.

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