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Hard Core Accountability

July 23, 2009

drill sergeantAccountability is giving an accounting of your actions.  It is an added structure to a part of your life that is broken, weak, or one you simply want to get better.

Sometimes hard-core accountability is needed, when a person has gone deep into sexual sin or has broken trust.  Sometimes the person has messed up the relationships and the trust so bad that extreme measures need to be taken to help the person find stability again.

In the recovery groups I’ve been a part of, here are some things measures that some guys had to setup in their lives to stop the lying and stop the behaviors. 

1.  Credit card reports need to be examined

2.  Cell phone log needs to be examined

3.  No access to Internet or TV without password

4.  No cash allowed

5.  Person needs to call before / after work or errands

6.  Separation / kicked out of house

7.  Person or couple must go to intensive counseling

8.  Person must go to a live-in recovery program
It’s important to remember that heavy accountability is not going to cure a person.  It just helps him have a strong structure in his life so he can work on his problems better.  Real recovery work is done in the heart.  That’s God’s territory. 

Accountability should be set up with the redemption of the person in mind.  Yes, the behaviors need to stop.  But the whole person needs to be healed. 

Accountability can be done by a spouse, but it can be incredibly difficult on them.  Many experts recommend someone of the same gender assisting, or even a professional helping.

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