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Decision That Led to Me to Porn: California or Cable?

July 24, 2009

disneyland1Our family’s decision to get cable TV was one of the worst we ever made.
Our family didn’t travel much. We went to Disney World when I was five, but I don’t remember much. So a 13-hour trip once or twice a year from Austin, Texas to Miami, Oklahoma to visit the grandparents was about it. It was a surprise then when my dad announced to the family that we they were planning a family tip to California.

My uncle lived in San Diego. My dad and mom decided that a trip to California would be good. We could take in DisneyLand, Hollywood, Sea World, and try to get into a game show or a TV taping. My brother and I were ecstatic!

About this time, my brother and I were bugging my parents for Cable TV. Our friends had HBO, MTV, WTBS, & NICKELODEON and we wanted to get them as well. So my parents brought an interesting offer on the table:

We can go to California or we can get cable.

satteliteThis was a no-brainer for my brother and me. We wanted cable! We were so excited to be getting in, but little did I know it would be opening the door to rated R movies, late night “Skin”emax movies, and the oversexualized world of MTV. I thought it was cool, but I would soon be watching things no teenage boy should be able to watch.

That was 25 years ago for me. I had no idea that cable programming and movies would warm me up to the world of masturbation, fantasy, and eventually porn.  My parents could have given some more guidelines and restrictions on the TV, sure. But I can’t blame them for the decisions and clicks that I would later choose.

  • In recovery, I have been able to identify cable TV as one of the roots of my addiction.
  • I have to greatly filter what I and my family watch.
  • I am very sensitive to what my kids are watching.
  • I have to work hard to engage relationships with real people, instead of the television.
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  1. Michael permalink
    July 25, 2009 2:02 am

    Thanks for sharing your story. Cable was a huge contributor to my addiction.

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