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Jeff and Marsha Interviewed on Covenant Eyes Podcast

July 28, 2009




We were interviewed last month by Luke Gilkerson of Covenant Eyes. Luke asked many in-depth questions about our story, our marriage, my fall to pornography, how Marsha dealt with it, and most importantly…how God is helping us recovery.

We want you to hear the audio.

I have attached links to each of the files below.



PART 1 “One Married Couple Shares Their Story”: Part 1

PART 2 “The Cycle of Addiction”: Part 2

PART 3 “Healing a Marriage Damaged By Porn”:  Part 3

PART 4 “Deep Restoration For Hurting Marriages”: Part 4



 The Porn to Purity Podcast (CLICK HERE)– Jeff and Marsha produce one podcast a month and share with you our struggles, victories, and lessons we have been learning during recovery.

  The Covenant Eyes Podcast (CLICK HERE) – Luke Gilkerson interviews individuals and couples who have struggled with pornography and found God’s victory.

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  1. July 28, 2009 12:11 pm

    Thanks for doing the interview! Really enjoyed our conversation. Both you and Marsha have such a gift to give to the church with your story. Please continue to tell it.

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