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Three Physical Things That Will Help Your Recovery

July 31, 2009

Recovery is a process for our entire self.   Mind, spirit and body. We need to tend to each aspect of our self when we are recovering from sexual sin.

  • Some think that recovering from sexual sin and staying pure is all about behaviors.
  • Others think it is all about dealing with our emotions, feelings, and hurts of the past.
  • Yet others think it is all a spiritual problem and we just need to love God more.

Why can’t it be all of those things, and more? I’m not sure there is a singular key to recovery. God has to overshadow the whole process, yes. We must surrender to Him and seek His power. But there are some adjustments we can make that will help us greatly.

Here are some physical things we can do that will help our sexual recovery:


When my world fell apart in 2007, I had a nice fit of depression. My accountability partner suggested I find some healthy outlets for my anger and depression. I started going to the gym and getting back into running. It was amazing how much better I felt. My mood lifted. My stress was reduced. And I was more focused.

Our bodies, emotions, and spirit are all tied together.

Give one of these a try, just for a week. See if it doesn’t make a difference in your recovery.

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