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Challenged By Rodney’s Story

August 6, 2009

Not to long ago I received a call from Brother Rodney, a minister friend of mine I knew when I was a pastor back in Texas. He had been a friend and kept up with my ministry efforts in Buffalo, NY. Rodney heard that I left Buffalo, but didn’t know why. He called to check on me. It was a welcome call.

I shared my story of falling into Internet pornography and of my recovery process. He was encouraging and said he had worked with several ministers that fell to sexual sin.

Then Rodney told me this challenging story:

e said he was in his ministry office one day, checking his email and came across a spam email that had a pornographic picture. He said he was shocked. He immediately turned the computer off. He told his secretary, called his wife, called his pastor, and called the Chairman of the Board. It scared him.


Honestly, I was a little bit ticked off at hearing this story. I thought it was an overreaction. Considering all of the pornography that I had seen, one little porn email didn’t seem like a lot.

I don’t think Rodney was bragging. He was trying to encourage me. He was trying to help me see his thoughts on the seriousness of any pornography.

I am thankful now for this conversation. The more I have reflected on it, the more I have been challenged.

  • I want to have the hatred for pornography that Rodney has
  • I want to be scared by any hint of immorality
  • I want to have that type of sensitivity
  • I want to have those type of friends around me that I can talk to
  • I want to be able to help others that are struggling

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