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Why Do We Share Our Story Publically?

August 27, 2009

husband_wifeWe have discovered that sharing our story publically has encouraged so many people and helped people to realize that they were not alone.

We don’t pretend to have it all together. We are still in the recovery process. Jeff’s porn addiction being found out two years ago is still very recent. The shock and the grief stages are mostly past, but we are still new in the rebuilding and growth stages. We still go to our counselors every 3 weeks and pay them money. We still have to do our homework and exercises that our counselors ask us to do.

But we have seen God do so much in our marriage. And we found that when we shared our story it was a great help to us and to others.

Marsha that had the idea of a website where we could share our story and offer resources. When Jeff’s porn addiction was uncovered, the people around us didn’t know where to point us. They didn’t know what resources to offer.  We believed the website would be a resource to people.

We also felt the website would be a place we could share our story. We didn’t grow up in churches and communties where people talked about sexual things. We really felt alone when our world fell apart. We felt like no one else understood.



hopeHELPS US HEAL – Every time we share our story we bring it to the light. We get it out. We hear each other’s side of the story. We feel God’s healing touch.

GIVES US COURAGE – The first time was the hardest. But each time we tell the story we get bolder and more comfortable with being able to talk about what happened to us. Telling our story gives us courage to talk with each other. There are new parts and new depths we are sharing with one another.

REMINDS US OF WHERE WE WERE –  We have in no way “arrived”. We are only a couple of years distant from our problems, and could easily go back there if we hardened our hearts. Remembering where we were reminds us of our sinful condition and of our great need for God.

unity candleREMINDS US OF WHAT GOD HAS DONE – The progress we have made has only come from God. Sharing our story reminds us that He changed our heart and our desires. We have also seen God provide for us in many ways: the move from Buffalo, good support groups, good counselors, new friends, a good church, and most recently, some financial relief.

ALLOWS US TO HELP OTHERS – This is the most wonderful part! God has taken our messed up lives and used them to be an encouragement to others. He has used it for good.  When we started sharing our story, we were able to connect with other hurting people. “Broken world” people understand “broken world” people.

Here are some places where you can hear our story and here how our world fell apart, our recovery started, and how it has developed:

Porn to Purity Podcast:  Click Here

Covenant Eyes Podcast:   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

Debbie Chavez:  Click Here For Show

Articles  Click Here For Article 

We believe that every person and couple needs to come to the point where they share their story. There is great power in our stories of struggle with sexual addiction. People need to hear you and us identifying with them. People need to known they are not alone. People need to know there is hope.

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