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Staying Pure on Facebook

August 28, 2009

Facebook – so, how are you doing with staying pure on it?

Every once in a while I have somebody I used to know throw me a snowball, give me a gift, poke me, or play want to play some stupid game with me. Some people can even throw you a kiss and other things that are questionable.

  • I have a friend who had to “unfriend” a person because she got flirty with him, and said some inappropriate things.
  • A pastor friend had to unfriend an old girlfriend.
  • Some of the pictures people post are pretty much soft porn.  I had to confess to an accountability partner one time for looking at some bikini pictures a friend had posted.


big_eyesQ: Are these social media sites bringing you things that are questionable?

Q: Do you have someone asking you about your Facebook activity? MySpace? Twitter?

Q: Are social media sites becoming a softer addiction for you?

Q: Does your accountability partner or your wife have access to your social media accounts?


I want you to be the best you can be. We can’t fall into the Facebook soft porn / chatroom trap.
We can’t afford it!

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