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How to Confront a Person With Their Sin

September 21, 2009

Not the Best Way to Confront



Ginger Taylor writes the blog Daily Discernment: Recovering From Church Corruption

She has a good post called “Confronting Sin in Your Christian Brother”.



Here’s a summary of her thoughts:

FIRST – Make sure your friend has actually “sinned” and not just done something that you didn’t like. What scripture have they violated?.

SECOND – Confrontation is to be for restoration into the body.

THIRD – Bear the burden of their sin with them

Temptation comes in many forms, but the biggest temptation when being in the position of confronting someone on sin is to be come arrogant. Tim Keller believes that in order to confront someone on sin correctly, you have to be as grieved over the sin being confronted as the one in sin should be. That you should bear the burden of their sin with them.



HAVE SOME RESOURCES IN HAND – Counselor’s numbers, support group information, books, articles…

BE PREPARED FOR SOME BACKLASH – The person will probably not hug you and thank you for the confrontation. There will be shock and anger. The anger could continue for a while.

FOLLOW UP – You be the one to call them. Call them later that day, or the next day. Call them each week. Let them know you don’t condemn them, but want to be a helping presence.

PRAY FOR THE PERSON REGULARLY – Heart change must take place in a person. This is God’s territory. Put it in His hands.

GET SOME ADVICE FROM A COUNSELOR OR MINISTER – A call to a professional could go a long way in knowing how to lovingly confront. You may want the minister or the counselor involved in some way.

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