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Only The Weak Get Caught

September 25, 2009
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wimpyOnly the weak get caught.

That’s the lie that I used to believe.

  • I believed I was too smart to get caught.
  • I believed I knew how to protect myself.
  • I believe I knew how to hide.
  • I believed I could outsmart anyone searching my computer.
  • I believed I was OK because God wasn’t doing anything.

There is a slow deception that happens when someone is sexually addicted. He starts to believe he’s invincible. He starts to believe that he will never get caught. He believes that only the weak, careless people get caught.



  • Have you every looked at porn on the computer and not had God’s lightening strike you?
  • Have you ever almost got caught, but closed it up in time to not get caught?
  • Have you snuck around to go somewhere to have sex, or to be with someone and pulled it off?
  • Have you been able to maintain a lie for a long time?
  • You probably believe you’re invincible?


I really don’t know.  I was extremely secretive on my work computer.  I covered my tracks.  I erased my history bar and search terms.  All I know is that the work computer had some problems, they brought in an expert, and found all of my hidden tracks. I did everything I knew to do.  I thought I had gotten away with it and had no intention of ever confessing my sins.

I believe that God knew that the best thing that could happen to me was to be found out.



  1. We can’t hide from God
  2. We are not good enough to keep the lie up forever
  3. We can’t control other people talking
  4. An addicted person takes more and more risks
  5. God loves us too much to keep letting us live in darkness. He will bring things to the Light.
  6. It is impossible for us to have true intimacy with our spouse, God and others, and lie.

I know you have some great thoughts that can help others! Maybe you are invincible. It would be nice to hear from you.

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