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The Best Sexual Recovery Podcast Out There!

October 1, 2009

Be Broken ministries has a podcast called Pure Sex Radio that you should be listening to.

It is the best podcast out there to help guys pursuing sexual purity and recovering from sexual sin. It is also great for the woman who is trying to learn about sex addiction.

Jonathan Daughtery, Stephen Cervantes, and Lee Preston put out a new show every week and have over 25,000 subscribers via I-Tunes. You can subscribe to their show by CLICKING THIS LINK.


PURE SEX RADIO’S LAST 10 SHOWS (with direct links to each show)

10 Men, 10 Ideas – Ideas from 10 different men who are having success in their recovery. A grab bag of goodies.

Two Worlds In Conflict – What your flesh tells you about sex.  What The Spirit tells you about sex.

Homework for Married Men – How to make your wife the center of your affection.

Breaking Free From Control – Sex addicts deal with control issues. Here’s some help in letting go.

Insights to Continuing Pursuing Purity – What does purity and recovery look like for someone who’s been successful for several years.

How to Destroy Your Wife – Intriguing title, huh?

When Does Manhood Happen? – What does real manhood look like? When did is start? What marks a real man?

Women Respond to Male Ogling – Jonathan and Lee share women’s answers to how they felt when men ogle them.

What About Men Attracted to Kids? – A topic most shows wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Very insightful.

Lust vs Love – A great podcast about how we act out lustfully, but need to be acting out lovingly.



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