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How Many Miles an Hour Are You Going?

October 7, 2009


I have a financial analyst job that trucks along at 40 MPH for a while, then has intense 80 MPH blasts other times.  I work around people that seem to go at 80 MPH all the time. 

My busiest times can be the times I’m most vulnerable to stress and acting out.  The slowest times are also times of vulnerability.



A fast, intense life leaves you little room for other things.  Healthy relationships.  Your spouse.  Your kids.  God.  You have less margin.  Less room for emergencies.  Less reacation time.  More stress. 

Many people busy themselves and work crazy hours to cover the pain of life.  Work and business helps us to not have to think about our own hurts. 
On the flip side, the slow-paced, casual life can be triggery too.  Gaps of time.  Boredom.  Quest for entertainment, stimulation, and pleasure. 

Huge gaps of time can cause us to focus so much on the pain that we lose hope. 
Q:  What’s the MPH for your job?  For your life right now?
Q:  How are you dealing with the stresses of life?
Q:  Are you making living in the reality of your life, or trying to mask life’s pain?

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