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The Right Tools Make Recovery Easier

October 19, 2009



On my way to work this morning I noticed a guy mowing his large, overgrown yard with a tiny mower. It was a “20 horsepower riding lawnmower job” being done with a “4 horsepower gas mower”. The job was not impossible, but it was definitely the kind that you would want a riding lawnmower for. Either this guy was trying to get his exercise, or he was over his head in grass.

He needed the right tool to do the job. The job was going to get done, but with a lot more sweat, effort and frustration than necessary.


There’s no easy way out of sexual addiction. We have put in years of hard work to get where we are. Years of bad habits, patterns and dependency on our behaviors. Is it possible to dig out of it by ourselves? Possibly. But it’s a lot easier with the right tools and help. Big tools and extra hands make the job go by so much better.


SUPPORT GROUP – These are the people who stick by you. They know your story and they love you anyway. Your support group may include: a sexual recovery group, accountability partners, best friends, church family, or your spouse.


SKILLED PEOPLE – Some people are trained or experienced in helping hurting people. Certainly counselors fit in here. Certain ministers understand sexual recovery. And many other men, women, and couples have been through sex addiction recovery. It may take some time to find them, but they are out there.

Freebie – We have several ministries listed on the right-side of our website page. Start there if you are looking for skilled hands. Or email us at  and we can point you in some right directions.


GROWING DEPENDENCE ON GOD – It may start off tiny, but God can help you depend on Him. Just start talking to Him. Start with your anger and emotions. He can take it. But get real with God. Ask God to make Himself real to you in this struggle. Ask Him to help you turn to Him. Ask Him to help you surrender the struggles to Him.

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