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Puke It Out!

October 26, 2009

** The author of this blog thought long and hard about including some gross pictures.  His wife thought otherwise, and we settled on this picture.  🙂

 One sign that a person is ready to work on his sexual recovery is when he PUKES IT OUT.


  • A person comes to support group for the first time. Broken. Hurting. At his end. And dumps out his story.
  • A visit to the counselor opens up a flood of hurts and wounds from the past. 
  • An email comes to our where someone vents their frustrations, dismay, and hurts.


Some are in a place of desperation.  Some finally feel it’s safe to share. Or God may have just turned on the faucet of the person’s emotions.


We can only keep things inside of us for so long.  We cannot keep secrets forever.  The dam has built up deep inside a person for too long, and must burst.  The stuff that has been welling up inside us must come out, and when it does, it’s raw.  


Puke is messy … so stick with the person.

Puke is a nuisance to some … don’t be that person.

Puke is beautiful to someone who understands recovery … make sure you’re that person.

Puke is a gateway to recovery … encourage it.

Puke is intense and emotional ...  full of anger, grief, sadness, and fear …  these can be healthy and often lead to healing.

Puke takes time … let it happen, give it some air time.

Puke is exhausting, but feels good ... it reminds us how important it is to share our junk. 

Pukers need care and comfort … be the person to help them through.

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