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Intimacy That Will Blow Your Mind!

October 29, 2009

Let’s start with a popular belief:

Intimacy = Sex

This is false.  True intimacy is much, much more.

Intimacy has more to do with connectedness.  Knowing and being known.  It is found in relationship, and love and serving one another. 

Sex can be very intimate if it is serve one another.  But too often the sex we take part in is selfish.  It is demanding.  It treats our spouse as an object, instead of a person.  Sex to so many people is lust-driven, instead of love-driven.
We also think the orgasm is the goal.  We think it is the pinnacle.  It is what many strive for as the “most fulfilling thing”.

But most of this thinking is false.  Orgasms are great.  But they are not the deepest love we can feel from a person.  They are only a small part of the intimacy between a couple. 


Having your needs met.
When your spouse touches your soul.
Love, acceptance, openness, vulnerability.
Total committal of self.
Pursuing one another.
Knowing and being known.
The sundae, instead of the cherry on top.
We need true intimacy in our lives.  We can have intimacy with God, with our spouse, with family, with friends.  Deep, true, authentic relationships that serve one another.

Get a new definition of intimacy.  It is the thing to be striving for in our sexual recovery.

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