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Can I Masturbate and Be OK? – Part II

November 5, 2009

Today I continue sharing thoughts on masturbation.   Yesterday I shared important 7 things to consider about masturbation and sexual purity.  Here are eight more thoughts on this taboo subject:


8.  MASTURBATION MOVES QUICKLY INTO UNGODLY THINGS  – Lust, fantasy, objectifying women are often a part of masturbation.  Our goal is not to walk as close to the line as possible, but to be as far away from ungodly behavior as possible.  Don’t take part in behaviors that keep the door open for sinning.


9.  MASTURBATION CAN EASILY BECOME ADDICTIVE –  We want more.  We want it more frequently.  It makes us feel good.  We start needing more of it to satisfy ourselves.  We start getting more and more risky with our masturbation habits.  Fantasy, porn and other avenues of stimulation come very easily when we masturbate regularly.  It becomes very difficult to break away.  It’s not hard for addiction to set in. 


10.  THE CHEMICALS IN OUR BRAIN GET FIRED UP WHEN WE MASTURBATE –  There are several chemicals in our brains that release when we masturbate.  Chemicals that make us feel good, escape, bond, and sear the experience into our brain.  We can develop a chemical dependency to masturbation.

 I suggest you check out “What Happens in Your Brain When You Look at Porn” for more on brain chemicals. 


11.  DIFFERENT AUTHORS AND COUNSELORS HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS ON MASTURBATION – You can always find a book to support what you want to believe.  Even Christian authors and psychologists have different views on it. 

Want to be courageous?  – Talk to some people about it.  Talk to some older people about it.  Talk to your pastor and counselor about it.  Get a survey of opinions, not from your peers, but from your spiritual mentors.  Go find some different books on the subject.  Do some research. 


12.   ALMOST EVERYBODY HAS MASTURBATED – For many it happens accidentally or experimentally.  Nothing wrong with this.  But when we start lusting it is wrong.  When we start medicating our hurts, wounds, and pain with it, it’s bad.  When we start using it as an escape from reality, it’s wrong.


13.  CONTINUED MASTURBATION ISN’T HARMLESS???? – We fall to a very common lie if we think that masturbation doesn’t hurt anybody.  It hurts ourselves.   It is fed by lust.  Selfishness.  It is fake bonding with images and fantasy.  It skews how we view women.  It creates a yearning for more.  Selfish.  Lustful.  It robs marriages of healthy intimacy, authenticity and trust. 


14.  WE HAVE REAL NEEDS UNDERNEATH THAT NEED TO BE DEALT WITH – Masturbation becomes an escape from the pain, wounds, and unmet needs that we have.  Instead of dealing with the reality of our life and getting skilled help, we turn inward and medicate the pain.


cry_out15.  MASTURBATION IS SELF-CENTERED, NOT AN ACT OF WORSHIP  – This may seem mystical and unrelated, but it’s very important.  Self-centered acts don’t glorify God.  We are designed to bring God glory.  To be empty of ourself and pour ourselves into the Lord’s service.  The bible instructs us:

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”  Colossians 3:17

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”  Colossians 3:23

Our sexuality is included in doing things in Jesus’ name.  We should seek to honor Him with this area of our lives.  It seems that masturbation moves us away from this quickly.


Q:  What are your thoughts and realizations about masturbation?
Q:  What are your struggles and victories in this area? 
Q:  Do you have some different thoughts?

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