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The Best Recovery Psalm: verses 6-7

November 10, 2009

bible6 Remember, O LORD, your great mercy and love,
       for they are from of old.

 7 Remember not the sins of my youth
       and my rebellious ways;
       according to your love remember me,
       for you are good, O LORD.

Psalm 25 is such a great psalm for those who are seeking to be sexual pure, and recover from sexual addiction.  These verses camp out around the word “remember”. 


We typically, never let ourselves forget our sins.  And we give ourselves no mercy.  We are great at condemning ourselves.  Mostly because we have tried, and tried to free ourselves from our sexual behaviors and it never worked.  We always came back to our behaviors and we think something must be wrong with us. 

Condemnation.  We drown ourselves in the pain of the memories.  We show ourselves no mercy and love. 

Others may condemn us to.   They shut us off an write us off as a casualty to sexual sin. 


For those who want to walk God’s way, they will find something different of God.  He has great mercy and love.  And He actually has the capacity to forget (and forgive).  Wow!  We can’t even fathom that! 

This doesn’t mean we get away from the consequences of our actions. But God never writes us off.  He never condemns us.  He wants you to experience his mercy, love, and forgetfulness.  Only God can do this glorious thing. 

Romans 8:1 is such a great verse for those of us in the pit of this struggle:  “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” 


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  1. November 12, 2009 10:32 am

    This verse reminds me of Samuel’s last public address to Israel in 1 Samuel 12:20-25,

    “Do not be afraid; you have done all this evil. Yet do not turn aside from following the LORD, but serve the LORD with all your heart. And do not turn aside after empty things that cannot profit or deliver, for they are empty. For the LORD will not forsake his people, for his great name’s sake, because it has pleased the LORD to make you a people for himself. Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you, and I will instruct you in the good and the right way. Only fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you. But if you still do wickedly, you shall be swept away, both you and your king.”

    God forgives his people and does not forsake them for HIS NAME SAKE. This is such a precious truth. He has attached his covenant love and faithfulness to His love for His name and fame. This means I never have to wonder if God will forgive me for my truly repented sin, because God has staked his reputation on it. Amen!

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