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Yoda Was Wrong on This One!

November 11, 2009


yoda jedi master“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” 

Yoda (Return of the Jedi)


I’m heading off to a Star Wars concert with my son in a couple of days, and got to thinking about this line.  This is a great line for warning Luke Skywalker, but a terrible statement for those struggling with sexual addiction. 

Let’s not take sin lightly.  Sin is serious.  Sexual sin has a lot of consequences.  It affects our body, spirit, relationships, and emotions.  God takes all sin very seriously, and we need to repent and bring our sin to Him.  There we can find forgiveness and grace instead of His judgment. 

I do think that that when we open the door to sinful behavior, the path is large.  It is easy to get sucked in to the snares of lust, pornography, adultery, fantasy, and masturbation.  We must never take sin casually.  It is more powerful than us and can trap us even more. 


You’ve got to believe that your situation is not hopeless.  You are not forever destined to “The Dark Side”.  When we are struggling with sexual purity and addiction, we start to believe a lot of lies: 

  • My situation is hopeless. 
  • I can never go back. 
  • God can never love me again. 
  • I have messed up too much. 
  • This is permanent.  
  • I’m destined for doom. 
  • I’m going to Hell now. 
  • My marriage is done. 
  • I might as well kill myself.

These do not come from God. 

With God there is always recourse.  Hope.  A chance to repent.  An opportunity to get back on His path.

Our situation may get worse.  We may have terrible waves hit us.  But our sexual sin doesn’t not mark us permanently for the future.

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