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Praying Like a CHAMP For Your Sexual Purity

November 20, 2009


I thought about naming this blog “Are you Praying Like a CHUMP for your Sexual Purity?”  But “champ” sounded a little better.  CHUMP or CHAMP…  we are praying one way or the other.

I’m going to assume that you pray and that you want God’s help.  Prayer is essential to sexual purity and seexual addiction recovery.  You’re recovery will take off when you quit the CHUMP praying



Fix me – CHUMP prayers want God to turn a magic switch inside you to make everything right.  We think we are the problem.  We think we are broken.  We think if we weren’t designed that way we wouldn’t act that way.  That’s not taking responsibility for yourself and for your actions.  That’s blaming God for making chumpyou this way.  When we CHUMP pray like this we say, “God, you made a mistake.  Fix it!”

Fix the problem – When we are dealing with sexual sin, things are messy.  There’s a lot of pain.  The consequences can be very tough.  CHUMP praying ask God to take it all away.  Like a magic trick we want the hurt and the pain to disappear.  But the pain and consequences may be the very things that God wants you to experience.  They may be the very things you need to go through to grow, learn, and get right.

God, You Owe Me – Sometimes we think God owes us.  We confess.  We start getting our lives straight and we think God should make everything else rosy for us. We also think that things shouldn’t get worse after all that we have suffered.

Mini-Morsel Prayers – Like the bite-sized Snicker bars.  Tiny prayers.  Rhyming prayers.  Rote prayers.  Small.  Impersonal.  Shallow.  We don’t pray as large as the problem is.  We don’t call out to God from the depths of our soul like a CHAMP would.



Broken – When you realize you can’t fix something – that’s a good place.  When you are at the bottom of yourself – that’s a good place.  When you realize your sinfulness before God, you are able to pray in a way that is deep and surrenders to God.

Humble – Humble means that God is in charge and you are not.  He is the authority and you must submit.  You have nothing to bring but yourself.  Less of you, more of God.

Raw – Pretty packaged prayers are not really true for someone recovering from sexual sin.  Our stuff is raw.  God wants us like we are… raw, unpolished, unprofessional, unholy.  He does His best work when we bring our fullness to Him.

Honest – You can’t really hide from God can you?  But we play games with our prayers.  We pray about the things that are in order.  We pray about the things we have a little trouble with, but not the true, deep struggles.  We need to be as honest as we can in our prayers, even if that means dumping our anger on God.  Do it!  He can take it.

Listening (open, teachable) – More listening, less talking.  That’s a good strategy in our sexual purity praying.  Talk to God, then stick out your ear.  Be open to what He has to tell us.  Let Him talk to you.  Let Him guide you.  Be teachable. 

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