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Grateful for Our Sexual Recovery Process

November 26, 2009

This is finally a Thanksgiving Day where we can be truely grateful for this sexual recovery process.

Two years ago, our world was falling apart.  Jeff’s sexual sin was discovered by some good friends, and his failings were exposed to Marsha, our families, our church, and our friends.  We were not grateful.  We were in shock and in despair. 

One year ago, Marsha had fallen into a depression.  We were experiencing the hardest year of our marriage and the consequences of Jeff’s sexual sinning.  We had moved to a new area and lost most of our old friends.  We were tired of the hard work.  Tired of the slow regaining of trust in our marriage.  Tired of having to learn more lessons.

We continue our counseling.  We continue our support groups.  And a slow healing is taking place.  A slow rebuilding of our relationship.  We are no longer in shock and anger.  We have less times of grieving.  We are starting to feel restoration and new growth. 

We have been feeling gratitude this year.  It is an important change.  We are grateful…

  • God caused Jeff to get found out.
  • The courage of Jeff’s mentors to intervene in his life. 
  • God helping deliver Jeff from bondage to pornography and lust. 
  • God helping Marsha through her hardest times
  • Our friends’ presence during the hardest times.
  • Finding  great sexual recovery groups and counselors.
  • Provision of jobs, home, and well-being of our kids
  • Restoration of financial losses
  • Those that told Jeff that recovery was more about the inside than the outside. 
  • For the opportunity to share our heart with you through the Porn to Purity blog. 


It has taken us two years to get back to feeling gratitude on Thanksgiving.  We were very angry with a lot of people.  We were very angry with each other and with God.  We did not have gratitude for a long time.  We had pain and suffering. 

Your Thanksgiving may suck because of all the hurt you have.  You may not be with your spouse because of a separation.  You may be getting worse right now, instead of better. 

Have faith that gratitude will come.  The bigger picture still remains.  God is still patient, loving, merciful, and present.  He will help you walk through it.  He will help you find the support and resources you need. 


Take care today.  May God bring you one step closer to the healing you need. 

Jeff & Marsha Fisher
Porn to


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