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Numb to the Voice of God

November 27, 2009



An erosion takes place in our lives because of sexual sin.

Sexual sin slowly erodes our ability to hear God’s voice. 

Many people who struggle with sexual purity are Christians and spiritual people.  We seek God, go to church, pray, and feel like we’ve let down God when we act out.  We try many times to stop our behaviors, but keep having trouble. 

When we are first struggling with sexual sins, God’s Spirit is strong on our life telling us that our behaviors are wrong.  We may be reading the Bible actively and memorizing verses to help.  When we cross new lines, we feel the butterflies in our stomach telling us that this is not God’s path. 

Erosion of our spiritual life always happens with sexual addiction.  Sometimes it is radical and immediate, especially if we cross a very large line.  But for most of us, the erosion is gradual. 

We start hardening our hearts.  We keep turning our back on His warnings.  We convince ourselves that behaviors are OK.  We plunge more and more into acting out.  We start rationalizing our sin.  Minimizing our sin.  Then compartmentalizing our life. 

For guys it’s especially easy to compartmentalize.  We switch off some areas of our life and focus on others.  For addicts, we can function at work and home and push our secret sexual struggles and struggles with God out of our mind.  It’s a way of minimizing. 

Before we know it, we stop hearing from God.  We stop having a vision for our lives.  Our prayers, bible reading and church going becomes a burden and futile. 

I was in the middle of ministry when my sexual sin escalated.  I was teaching, preaching, and training others up to follow God.  Yet my spiritual life was slowly eroding.  As I started to get deeper into my Internet usage, I struggled more and more with maintaining my secret.  I started lying to my wife and to others.  I started to isolate myself from people who might ask questions. 

My times with God began to dry up.  My bible reading was a struggle.  Putting messages together was not easy.  I stopped hearing from the Lord.  I stopped having a vision for my own life, family, and church. 

How do we start hearing from God again?  Something has to crack in our lives.  Either we get so sick of our life that we change something, or God gets so sick of our behavior that he pulls the plug and lets His discipline flow.   It usually takes a pounding and great loss to get our attention and turn us around. 

This comes gradually.  We have to realize how far we have strayed.  We have to get a sense of the seriousness of our sins.  We have to spend some time crying out to God in repentance and surrender. 

We need an influx of truth to help us find God’s voice again.  We have become deceived and have believed many lies that our behavior was somehow acceptable.  We have lost the fear and respect of God. 

Counselors, support groups, and good mentors are very helpful in helping us find God’s voice again.  You can’t get there quickly.  You have spent a long time drifting away.  Let God use other people to help you find His voice again.  Let God use His truth to

Recovery from sexual addiction is working when you are actively hearing from the Lord again.

Q:  How’s God’s voice in your life?

Q:  Who do you have around you helping you to find God’s voice again?

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