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The Best Recovery Psalm: verses 12-14

December 1, 2009



12 Who, then, is the man that fears the LORD ?
       He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.

13 He will spend his days in prosperity,
       and his descendants will inherit the land.

14 The LORD confides in those who fear him;
       he makes his covenant known to them.

 Each Tuesday, I’m sharing a part of Psalm 25 and making some reflections for those of us who are going through sexual addiction recovery.  Psalm 25 is one of those psalms worthy of memorizing.  Spend some time in this psalm and let God teach you and encourage you. 

 This section revolves around “fear the Lord”.  Recapturing a fear of the Lord is important for our recovery and our healing. 


Accountability to God

We are accountable to the Lord.  But we forget that when we are in the middle of our sexual behaviors.  We harden our hearts to the Lord.  We don’t think it matters. 

Have you ever sinned big, and nothing happened?  No lightening… you weren’t struck dead… you didn’t get caught…  These types of experiences make us feel like it doesn’t matter.  Don’t be deceived.  When we disregard the Lord, we fall out of His shadow, His protection, His provision.  We will quickly feel the consequences.

Plunging into recovery brings a heightened sense of accountability.  We are reminded that God knows our hearts and our actions.  We start to fear the Lord again.


Another aspect of fearing the Lord is respect.  Honoring Him.  Yielding to Him.  Considering Him.  Giving Him the rightful place. 

Sexual addiction erodes our respect for the Lord.  We only think about ourselves.  We become so self-absorbed with our lust and desires. 

You can tell you are on the way to healing and recovery when your respect for the Lord comes back.  God does this deep in our hearts.  When we get humble again and repent, it opens the pathway to being in the Lord’s presence again. 

The passage reminds us of the things that will come our way when we come back to the “fear of the Lord”.  

  1. Instruction in God’s way
  2. Prosperous days
  3. Legacy / inheritance
  4. The Lord’s counsel.  He will confide in them. 

 Work on getting back to “fearing the Lord” in your recovery process.

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