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What Tiger Woods is Teaching us About Sex

December 6, 2009

No doubt you’ve been keeping up on the mess Tiger Woods is in.  The car wreck outside his house.  Rumors of domestic abuse.  Alleged affairs with multiple women.  Him and his wife reworking their prenump.  Him trying to buy her off.  Him giving very general apologies to the media. 

Who knows the truth, really? 

Tiger Woods’ behavior certainly has stirred up a lot of talk at the water cooler.  Many people are talking about sexual issues and marital issues. 

Here are some of my observations and reminders of some of the lies we can believe:

High-profile people have sexual problems just like us – David Letterman, Governor Mark Sanford, former Governor Eliott Spitzer and now Tiger Woods have brought sexual indiscretion into everyday conversations.  We are shocked.  But we shouldn’t be.  Many of us have sexual addictions, we have affairs, we view pornography, we have troubled marriages. 

We need to seek help for our problems before we destroy our lives and our marriages. 

Having the beautiful, fantasy wife doesn’t make a perfect marriage – We believe the lie that if we had our “fantasy” wife or “fantasy” spouse, we would never cheat.  We think that the fantasy wife would meet all of our sexual desires and fantasies.  This is a lie.  People like Tiger Woods prove it.  Hollywood celebs prove it.  We may marry the most beautiful person, but we still bring our unmet needs, wounds, hurts, and sexual baggage into our marriages. 

Making the most money and being high profile doesn’t make a happy life – Here’s another lie we believe.  We think that having tons of money will create a happy life.  Who we are inside and who we are with God is where happiness and contentment are found. 

We think we will never get caught – Tiger probably thought (like we all do) that he could hide his private sexual life.  We think we can maintain our secrets and live a normal life with our families.  But we can’t control other people.  We eventually slip in our cover ups.  And we can’t control God deciding to expose us.   

We need authentic relationships and people we are accountable to – When we keep secrets we squash intimacy with our spouse and others.  We need relationships where we can be real.  Tiger led a secret life and got found out.  There would be less chance of this happening if he would have opened his life and struggles up to his wife and some other men. 

You can’t fix your problems with your money – There are rumors of Tiger reworking his prenumps.  Large sums of money being promised to preserve peace.  We can buy solutions to our problems.  We need to confess our failures, repent, and do whatever it takes to make amends.  We need to take the harder road of working on rebuilding trust in the relationship.


1.  Take a break from his career and save his marriage.

2.  Own up to all the truth with his wife.

3.  Use his money to get him and his wife into intensive counseling. 

4.  Finds some close guy friends he can be transparent with and who can keep him to a high level of accountability. 

5.  Let God start working on his heart.  Sexual failure is more about things that are broken on the inside.  That’s God’s arena. 

Porn to Purity is a place of resource, hope and encouragment to those struggling with sexual addiction, and for the marriages affected by it.  Jeff had a growing addiction to lust and porn that he brought into his marriage.  He and Marsha have been able to find healing and recovery in their marriage through counselors, support groups, authentic friendships, and God. 

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