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Recovery NO-NOs: Diversion

December 11, 2009

Let’s call attention to a tactic that many of us use to minimize our sin.  It’s called diversion.

Here’s what it looks like: 

  • You’re checking into Group.  You’ve acted out and relapsed this week.  You talk about our difficult week, but then talk about how difficult your wife is. 
    Attention = on wife
  • You’re having problems in chatrooms again.  You talk to a friend about it, but then you turn the subject to how you’ve slipped in reading the Bible and praying. 
    Attention = on your spiritual disciplines instead of your slipping up
  • You looked at some bad TV, including renting a porn movie.  You tell your accountability partner you but then talk about how bad today’s TV programs have become. 
    Attention = on the ills of TV
  • You have masturbated and your spouse wants to get intimate.  You tell you spouse that you’ve had a difficult day at work and are really tired. 
    Attention = On your lie

We can do this diversion with any type of sin.  But the larger the secret, the harder we work at diverting. 

Diversion is not an honest or godly behavior.  We’ve go to stop doing it, if we want to grow in our relationships, and be sexually pure. 

Here’s some important things to consider:

1.  We have to choose to be truthful

2.  We have to choose to be accountable

3.  We have to be courageous and own up for our sin

4.  When we are divert attention we are being deceptive.  That’s lying.

Do a check of your own life and be mindful of the things you do to cover you sins.

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