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Win a Free DVD: Somebody's Daughter

December 26, 2009

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Dr. Michael Cusick of Restoring the Soul Ministries  sent me a copy of the DVD/CD Somebody’s Daughter:  A Journey to Fredom From Pornography.  I think it is a wonderful resource for churches and wanted to share my thoughts. 

I also have an extra copy that I want to give away!  (more at the end of the post)

DVD – 62 minutes, documentary style

Three men and a husband and wife share their personal struggle with
pornography confronting the lies and darkness of this addictive force with
compelling honesty and hope.  

The DVD has two major sections (each 22 min).  One is designed for creating awareness of the problem of pornography.  The other is designed to help guys struggling with pornography to come out into the Light and work on it. 

The DVD also contains four music videos.   The DVD comes with a bonus CD which contains nine original songs, stories, poetry, and scripture readings.


How do you start talking to your congregation or men’s ministry about pornography?  The very word “pornography” makes people stir in their seats.  But we know that most of our men (and many women) are dealing with some degree of sexual struggle. 

Sombody’s Daughter can help a minister talk about this important topic, much like a guest speaker would. 

Guest speakers were a very helpful thing to me when I was a pastor.  Guest speakers:

  • Help the church address topics a pastor may not be well-versed in.
  • Provide a fresh voice  to the congregation talking about important subjects.
  • Take the pressure off the pastor of saying the wrong thing.
  • Helps the pastor focus on shepherding the decisions his congregants need to make.   

This video is more than shocking statistics about pornography.  You get to hear the stories of individuals and a couple affected by it.  The individuals interviewed are real people like you and me.  I was especially moved by the husband and wife who had to struggle with the revelation of the husband. 

Some men in our churches feel like they can’t share.  Some men feel like their situation is hopeless.  Some men need a “wake up” moment to help them see the destructiveness of their pornography habit.  Some men need to take the brave step of sharing their problem for the first time.  I think Sombody’s Daughter will help these groups of men. 

Sombody’s Daughter doesn’t preach and condemn guys.  It reminds them that pornography is never God’s way, and encourages them to come clean and get help. 


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  1. December 27, 2009 2:15 pm


    that dvd sounds like it would be a great tool in ministry to my soldiers in iraq! from what i hear, porn and sexual temptation is EVERYWHERE over there. please pray for me and my soldiers as we prepare to deploy!

    thanks for all you do in helping people win the fight!

  2. JeffTN62 permalink
    December 27, 2009 10:58 pm

    Please send the DVD to help troops in Iraq!!!

    Today at Church my Pastor a church of 10,000 said the P word…. Pornography..!!! I use to run from the word, as it would shame me, put me in denial as I hid my secret dark passenger. Now I rejoice in hearing it in church or talking about it in CR.. as the darkness is being exposed and those that seek it will find freedom.

    Mainstream media will scoff, that it’s freedom of choice or it’s consenting adults, the damage might be minimal but over time it’s addicting powers grip.

    My only other comment is from a song on the “Somebodies Daughter CD” how brutally honest these lyrics are…. and who I was:


    I’m in church on Sunday morning
    Got the family and the new SUV
    Your co-worker and your neighbor
    I’m exactly who you think I should be
    But my eyes feast where none can see
    On visual profanity

    I’m a traitor
    A betrayer
    A double minded-man
    I’m a liar
    A decay-er of everything I stand for
    A voyeur in the dark
    An adulterer of the heart
    I’m a traitor
    A traitor

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