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Sexual Triage

January 12, 2010

When our world has just fallen apart to sexual sin, there are things that must happen immediately.  We need Triage. 

When a broken bone sends you to the ER, the first thing they do is take you to Triage.  Triage helps with the immediate crisis.  The triage nurse will calm the patient, stop the bleeding, drop an IV in, assess the damage, and take your arm out of danger so it can be worked on.


1.  People presence – A person in any crisis needs support.  When sexual sin has invaded a life or a marriage, it is no different.

2.  Someone to help you think – When your world falls apart you are in shock.  You are running off of emotion and probably not thinking very clearly.

3.  Talk to someone – You need a place to puke everything out.  All of the swirl of questions and emotions needs to come out. 

4.  Someone to listen to – You need someone who cares about you to guide you and talk to you.  You need direction.  Wisdom. 

5.  Words of hope – You need a calming presence telling you there is hope.  You need to know you are not the only one struggling.  You need to know God is still in control and present in this crisis.


  1.  A bunch of people talking and giving you advice
  2. To be preached at
  3. A bunch of books, articles and websites
  4. Promises that things are going to work out

There are opportune times for each of these, but Triage is not the time for any of these. 



  1. To be shamed
  2. To be rejected and cast away
  3. Trite expressions

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