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How Do You Deal With Dreams About Sex?

January 13, 2010

It’s not unusual for any guy to have dreams about sex.  But what about the guy in recovery?  Should he be having these dreams if he’s working on purity?  Should he feel guilty over having sensual or sexy dreams?

This blog came about from and interesting discussion we had in our support group.  One guy mentioned having dreams about sex and several others piped up mentioning theirs.


Dreams are many times an overflow of our lives 

  • What we’ve been thinking about. 
  • What we’ve been doing. 
  • What we’ve been watching. 
  • What we’ve been struggling with. 
  • What we’ve been worrying about.

Dreams may come from old memories.  Dreams may relate to past hurts.  Dreams may expose dark parts that remain in our heart

If you’re in sexual addiction recovery or giving a strong focus to your purity, sexual things ARE the main thing you are struggling with right now.  It makes sense that some of these things will come out in your unconscious. 

Some of the thought that came up in group were: 

1.  Just having a sexy dream is not sinful – You are responsible for the things you are in control of. 

2.  Let God be Lord of your heart – Sexual recovery is some about the behavior, but more about the heart. 

3.  Let God be Lord of your dreams

4.  Talk about it with a trusted friend, have him pray for you

5.  Fill your heart with the things of God.

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