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When Good Men Are Tempted – Win a Copy

January 24, 2010

One of our favorite recovery books is When Good Men are Tempted by Bill Perkins.  This week, we have two autograph copies we’ll be giving away (see below).

Guys need different resources during their recovery:

  • Workbooks / Manuals
  • Books to Help During the Crisis Stage
  • Books to Help With Special Types of Abuse or Addiction
  • Books to Help their Spouses
  • Meaty Books
  • The Bible and Books that Develop Their Faith


Guys also need simple, to-the-point, easy-to-read books.  When Good Men are Tempted is this type of book.  The book is written for men and deals with some of the questions that men deal with when they are seeking sexual purity and recovering from sexual addition.

When Good Men are Tempted is broken up into 4 sections:

  1.  Understanding the Struggle
  2. Admitting the Struggle
  3. Find Freedom
  4. Living Free For the Rest of Your Life

The vast majority of guys need the first three sections. 

  • Guys who are trying to figure out why they struggle so much. 
  • Guys who wonder why they can’t shake their sexual problems. 
  • Guys who know why they struggle, but think their situation is hopeless. 


This book is really good for someone who’s just starting his recovery.  The new person in recovery is has gotten caught or is learning to come clean.  He may not see the seriousness of his struggle.  He may be wondering where it comes from.  He may still be in crisis.  The bomb has gone off and the shrapnel is falling. 


When Good Men are Tempted is hovers around the Bible when the author is talking about the roots of sexual addiction.  Guys wonder why they are pulled to beautiful women and why their lust is persistent… this book helps to answer these questions with a look at God’s design for men and women in Genesis. 


This is the title of chapter 1.  Isn’t that the best teaser ever?  Doesn’t that suck you in?  Don’t we all wonder that? 

The author’s helps answer this question by saying that God has designed us that way.  He talks about our God-given need for intimacy, and God’s creation of sex for the pleasure of a married man and woman. 

An important point he makes is how we are drawn away by our own lust to look at other beautiful women.  He talks about the dark side that we all have.  He reminds us of the implications of original sin, and talks about some of the lies we believe about sex and pleasure. 


I think this is a book that needs to be in every guy’s recovery library.  It’s a simple, quick read with lots of good insight for the person who is new to recovery or has experienced a few years of recovery. 


Dr. Bill Perkins was gracious enough to give Porn two autographed copies of When Good Men are Tempted.  We will be giving them out to two to our P2P community. 

There are two ways you can win a book:

P2P BLOG COMMENT CONTEST – Leave a blog comment on any of our blogs between January 24th and 31st.  You can leave a comment on our Porn to Purity Blog or our 104Podcast Blog. 


I-TUNES REVIEW CONTEST – Leave a review on I-Tunes for one of our podcasts.

We have two podcasts on I-Tunes:  

The 104 Podcast:  Top Tips For Sexual Purity

The Porn to Purity Podcast

The more reviews we have of our podcasts, the more visible it will be to those looking for help with sexual sin. 

On February 1st we will randomly select one winner from our blog comments and one winner from our reviews. You can increase your chances by entering both contests, but can only win one book. 

Bill Perkins  

Learn more about Bill Perkins and his ministry:  HERE

  1. January 25, 2010 12:27 pm

    Thanks for recommending this book. I thought it was a pretty good read myself.

  2. JeffTN62 permalink
    January 25, 2010 3:37 pm

    This sounds like a great book to have in my tool belt of recovery…. I read and study both for my continued recovery and to have a greater understanding of my addiction so that I can help others. With Tiger Woods in the news these days, it’s interesting how people still don’t see sexual addiction as a real addiction. . on Fox News recently a female anchor was almost in disbelief that any one could REALLY suffer a sex addiction, that it was just Tiger on the prowl (sorry bad pun)-that men will be men attitude, were hormones, etc.

  3. January 27, 2010 11:43 pm

    As someone who frequently interacts with young men on this subject, it sounds like a great resource to have in the library. I’d love to check it out.

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