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7 Reasons Why Your Internet Filter Isn't Enough

January 25, 2010

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On the road to recovery and sexual purity, there are two types of software you need to have on your computer:

Content filtering software – Filters out the bad sites, pop ups and bad images.  Degree of the filtering can be adjusted.   

Accountability software – Keeps a log of the sites and images you have looked at.  A report is emailed on a regular basis to accountability partners.   

Most people have filtering software, but if you are really serious about staying pure on your computer you have to get some accountability software.   

1.  Content filters just aren’t enough – Content filters don’t catch everything.  There are ways around filters, and we find them.  Accountability software shuts the doors to “work arounds”.  

2.  We’re not as strong as we think we are – We are not a good judge of our own strength.  We always think we are stronger and better.  We’ve proved that with our failures on the computer in the past.   

3.  We all have blind spots – We convince ourselves some sites are acceptable, when they are not.  We allow ourselves quick looks & “sneaky snacks”.  We can click places without realizing.  Others can help us see things we can’t. 

4.  We need others on this journey – Recovery (and life, for that matter) is not meant to be done alone.  Those in recovery have to learn to lean on others, and seek out healthy relationships.   

5.  Our slips are subtle, not radical – We don’t go from 0-60 mph in one swoop.  We start our slips incrementally.  There is a gradual accepting of new levels of sensual sites and porn.  Our accountability buddies can help us spot these slow fades.   

6.  Triggers pop up even when we’re not looking for them – Ever click on a normal site and something triggery pops up?  If you struggle with sexual addiction, these can lead you to act out and plunge further.  When you are accounting for your clicks, it helps you turn it off before you do some damage.   

7.  It’s easy to click and get out of control quickly – We can click into bad stuff in a couple of seconds.  It’s so quick.  Accountability software forces you to talk about these difficulties.  Talking your stuff through is essential to your recovery.

We are proud to be affiliated with Covenant Eyes!  They have allowed us to offer you a Free 30-Day trial of their software.  I my and Marsha’s opinion, it’s the best on the market.  They have great filtering software and accountability software. CLICK HERE for a free 30-day trial of Covenant Eyes, and type in the code PURITY when you check out. 

Take this important step and shore up your computer with some filtering and accountability.

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  1. January 25, 2010 12:11 pm

    Thanks for the strong recommendation of CE! Accountability is key to guard your heart and protect your integrity.

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