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If Ya Ain't Reading, Ya Ain't Growing

February 3, 2010

We have moved to


“Read Recovery Material” is an encouragement and a mandate given in many addiction support groups. 

I think there should always be something that we are reading or listening to.  It is easier and faster for me to listen to sermons, audio files and podcasts.  It is more tedious for me to read (even on a Kindle).  But I benefit greatly from taking a book, underlining sentences and quotes, writing in the margins, and reflecting . 


1.  I need mentors – Mentors have experience and maturity.  They have been the places that I have not and learned valuable lessons.  I need their guidance and stories. 

2.  I need to maintain a “recovery” mindset – I have to focus on recovery.  I need things that will help me think that direction.  

3.  I need to move in healthy directions – Those dealing with sexual sin have a history of going in bad directions.  An essential part of recovery is creating healthy outlets and habits.  Recovery material helps you pour your energy in a healthy direction. 

4.  I need to fill my mind with truth and wisdom – The first place we should spend time being transformed is the Bible.  But God’s truth spreads through the pages of many authors.   God’s voice echos in many places.  As I reflect on the recovery material I read it gives me another way to hear God speaking truth to my heart.

5.   I need to know I’m not alone in my struggles –  One of the most common feelings we have in our sexual struggles is that we are alone.  We need to hear over and over again that others are going through the journey, and that others have been through the struggles we are having.   

6.  I need to be discipled – Disciples sit under teachers or mentors to learn.  I need to be teachable.  I do not know many things and need to be guided.  The best recovery material has this in mind.   

7.  It helps me resource others – Part of God’s design is for us to be able to help others in their struggles.  God uses recovery material to equip us to share with others. 

8.  The stories of others are powerful – Recovery material exposes you to more stories.  When we read others stories, we are moved to reflect on our own story.  We are given courage to share our story.  We are challenged by stories and warned by stories.  We are moved by stories and stirred emotionally by stories.   Stories stir the pot, and  get the recovery juices flowing. 


Marsha and I have a list of great resources on our Porn to Purity website.  CLICK HERE


Fortunately, there are some who are podcasting about sexual recovery and sexual purity.  I was excited to find several good shows on I-Tunes. 

I wouldn’t suggest you doing a straight search on I-Tunes for “sexual recovery podcasts” or “sexual addiction podcasts”.  It’s not hard for bad stuff to come up that might be trigger.  Whenever I am looking for new podcasts on the subject I always let my wife know and we talk about it. 

I have assembled a list of good podcasts on sexual purity.  Start with these and go from there.

I have gathered a list of some of the best sexual addiction recovery and sexual purity podcasts out there: 

“6 Great Podcasts on Battling Sexual Sin” 
“A New Podcast:  Top Tips For Sexual Purity Podcast” 
“The Best Sexual Recovery Podcast Out There!” 
“Great Recovery Podcasts I Listened to This Week”


Q:  What books or resources would you recommend? 

Q:  What stories have moved you?

Q:  What are you going through with your counselor or support group?

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  1. February 3, 2010 4:39 pm

    Many of the book resources, if not all of them, are available at my Amazon store at

    These are all sold from Amazon by Amazon collected together by me for Porn addicts and even spouses of addicts.

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